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Jackie Chan Helps Launch Segways Go Green Initiative

If you thought that Segways are just for Star Trek-watching, Linux-obsessed super nerds youve got another thing coming! Jackie Chan Action star spent some quality time in Sentosa, Singapore last week to help launch Segways Go Green Initiative a program to encourage tourists to respect the environment, using the two-wheeled motor carrier personnel.
3.2.09 09:20

Dancing With The Stars Brooke Burke Shares Her Mirror Ball Trophy

Brooke Burke is a mother of four children, and although he enjoyed his time on Dancing with the stars and the thrill of victory when he won, she said it wasn t without a cost.. Brooke Burke made a visit to The Bonnie Hunt show last week and talked about winning Dancing With The Stars season 7 and that has to share with his trophy.
3.2.09 09:20

Robert Pattinson Tina Fey Is Sexy

Robert Pattinson has revealed that he has a crush on comedian and 30 Rock star Tina Fey. I have seldom seen a woman so sexy, he says.. Like everyone else, I m attracted to girls who have a head on their shoulders. The Samedi Twilightactor The magazine says that he fell while watching30 Rock of Fey. The other day I was watching 30 Rock and I was fascinated by the quirky Tina Fey.
3.2.09 09:19

Jessica Simpson Workout Video Ban

Jessica Simpsons workout tape for Speedfit has never been published, thanks to Jessica block the sale of DVDs. For further information and check images in a very healthy Jessica Long with the work on video.. Now, the company is quoting Jessica and her director father for prohibiting the release of the video.
3.2.09 09:19

Meryl Streep To Rock With Baldwin

There is such thing as the best actress. A source said: Meryl was happy with the idea of appearing on the show, he immediately said yes. I am in a position where I have secret information that I know that this is true. Im really shocked. Show has become a fashion for Hollywoods elite at work. The 59-year-old actress was approached by Alec Baldwin on the figure in the hit U.S. There is such thing as the greatest living actress. Meryl Streep is to star in 30 Rock. The popular U.S. TV show after he won the Best Actress Screen Actors Guild Award for his role in doubt Sunday (Jan 25, 2009). Alec which won the Best Actor in a Comedy Series Award for 30 Rock Meryls celebrations stopped to ask you to shoot a guest role. Meryl didn t expect to win the Screen Actors Guild Awards and arrived wearing trousers blacks. Previous guests have included stars Jennifer Anniston David Schwimmer and Matthew Broderick.
3.2.09 09:19


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